Video & Letter From Santa

Video & Letter From Santa

Make those little loved ones happy with Santa’s letters or videos. Find out what they want for Christmas.

Video from Santa

Bring joy to your loved ones by getting them a personalized video featuring their own name and photos. Santa will name that person in the video, enjoy looking at the photos you’ve added and follow your instructions.

  • New 2022 video and phone call
  • Easy personalization – it takes up to 5 minutes
  • Up to 16 unique personalization
  • Even a 2-hour delivery to your mailbox
  • Letter from Santa

    Christmas bliss in an exceptional envelope. Choose a template, enter the child’s name and edit the content of the letter any way you want. Add a personal touch and Santa Claus will take care of the rest. The letter will be delivered to your home via traditional mail.

    • Our new 2022 letters
    • Easy personalization – it takes up to 5 minutes
    • Lots of joy for both children and parents
    • The letter is delivered within 20 days

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Video & Letter From Santa